Our Story

Mission: To channel our need to create into helping at risk children rewrite their life stories.

The Problem: Rewrite was born during a visit to a garment factory. We saw tons of tiny scraps of cotton and wool being carried out and dumped into trenches or burned in the field behind the factory. Fashion production makes up 10% of humanity's carbon emissions, and nearly 20% of wastewater. While the environmental impact of flying is now well known, fashion sucks up more energy than both aviation and shipping combined.

Meanwhile back in the US the COVID pandemic was just starting and already starting to shut down schools. Thousands of kids were starting to be cut off from the interactions needed for developing critical reading and writing skills. At risk youth without reliable internet connections or access to trained tutoring resources were falling further and further behind.

The Solution: We founded Rewrite.org to find a business solution to these environmental and social challenges. Rewrite.org uses those scraps of fabric from the garment industry, turns them into sustainable, better quality journals and notebooks, then uses a portion of those proceeds to help fund literacy programs to at-risk youth in the US.

Why our products are better

Sustainable Rewrite.org provides a business solution to help decrease the environmental damage done by the fashion industry.

Archival Quality Our products are made from cotton and wool. Unlike papers and bindings made from wood fiber papers or leather bindings our papers and bindings are made from Cotton and wool. Wood fiber papers and leather bindings are highly acidic. The acids in the lignin in wood fiber papers cause those papers to get brittle and decay. Leather bindings leach acids into the papers of journals accelerating the decay process. Our cotton fiber and wool papers and bindings are naturally archival and can last up to hundreds of years especially when kept out of direct sunlight.

Socially Responsible Whether it’s the fair trade craft co-ops that make our papers and bindings or the literacy programs that receive our donations Rewrite.org chooses its partners carefully for transparency, fairness, honesty and ethics.

Literacy Partners

Helping teachers deliver effective literacy instruction

Rewrite.org is proud of its relationship with the Children’s Literacy Initiative. Rewrite.org donates a portion of its profits to the Children’s Literacy Initiative.

Children's Literacy Initiative, founded in 1988, works with Pre-K to 3rd grade teachers to transform instruction so that all children can become powerful readers and writers. The organization delivers coaching and training to educators who work in under-resourced, under-performing schools and preschools, equipping them with high-impact literacy instruction techniques and high-quality children's literature. In 2010, they received a grant from the U.S. Department of Education's Investing in Innovation Fund to implement its program in 38 schools. In 2015, using study results from this project validating the organization received another grant to scale up its program and serve 27 more schools.

Children’s Literacy Initiative recently won the 2017 David M. Rubenstein Prize, the top honor in the Library of Congress Literacy Awards program for making outstanding and measurable contributions in increasing literacy across the country.